Handrail & Decking

Custom Handrails & Decking

Composite grating & structural shapes are being specified more and more each year to increase safety and lower life cycle maintenance costs in manufacturing plants and mills all around the world. Gulf Coast Prevention is a master distributor for a wide array of these composite products. Pultruded handrail, grating, structural shapes, ladders, plate and safety gates are very durable, easy to fabricate, non-conductive and lightweight just to name a few benefits.

Keep in mind, not all composite manufacturers and distributors use the same high-quality fibers and resins, in the manufacturing of their products. Gulf Coast Prevention strives to provide high-quality materials. and many are made in the USA.

GCP/QIP products will lower maintenance costs. Call GCP today and we will set up a time to meet or talk about safety and compliancy concerns on your property or facility.